Click on the image below to get to my brief YouTube video.  The link there will take you back to this page.  The instructions to start making money is found below the image.



Here are the instructions for you to follow to start making money.

$16,000 in one month with a cheap $40 ad... dang! This is just too easy!

DO NOT signup in step 1. It will only work if you sign up in step 2

Step 1.) Watch the video at      The form to fill out mentioned in the this video can be found in Step 2.  So go to step 2 now, sign up and start to make some real money.

Step 2.) Sign up at (it's free).

Step 3.) When you get your NetSpend card in the mail and load it with a minimum of $40, you will get a $20 bonus just for loading it.          I went to a Wal-Mart to add my funds.

Step 4.) Place a cheap paid ad at with an ad title similar to the one above advertising your link.  You can also place ads of your choice,  I use craigslist and eBay a lot.  If you Google "free ads" you will finds lots of places to advertise.

Step 5.) Go spend your money!

That $40 ad will go over to a half million high traffic classified ad sites and will pull in referrals like crazy! Our average response rate is anywhere from one tenth of one percent to 3% response, with an average of $16,000 a month in extra revenue -- JUST FOR PLACING A CHEAP AD EACH MONTH.

Put your ad on a recurring basis at and shoot for $10,000 to $20,000 a month! Your average might be like mine, it might be less... it might be more. But it's certainly worth the $39.95 a month to keep the ad running.

You can also place ads of your choice,  I use craigslist and eBay a lot.

Good Luck,


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